Don’t be a victim of one size fits all planning.  Many websites claim to offer you low-cost end of life planning. However, what they don't offer is individualized planning, personal attention, and knowledge of your local state laws. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for basic personalized documents to be drafted by a local knowledgeable attorney. 

It may seem enticing to click the first link you come to and have a will prepared almost instantly for $50.00. But what these websites do not ensure is that your end of life documents comply with local rules. For example, what pages do you need to initial, which do you need to sign? Does the document need to be notarized? Where should the document be kept, should you have more than one original, what do you need to do if you want to make minor changes, can you keep a separate codicil? Some of these websites may lead you to believe that your document protects certain rights that it does not. One example of this is that Living Wills are not a legally recognized document in Massachusetts. So despite paying the fee, and filling in the form, you may be left with a document that may let others know your wishes but may have ultimately no legal effect. 

Last Will and Testament - Health Care Proxy - HIPAA Release - Durable Power of Attorney

These Four Documents are relatively simple for most individuals and couples. We offer a simple will package which includes all four of these documents at a very reasonable rate. 

The attorneys at the Law Office of Mandy L. Spaulding can help guide you through the process of writing a personalized Last Will and Testament, so that it not only accurately reflects your wishes, but also complies with local and state laws. When we sit down to talk to you about your end of life wishes, we ask you questions based on the conversation we are having with you one on one. We do not simply fill out a form, and plug in blanks. Each individual's needs are specific to their own set of circumstances, and we recognize, respect and reflect that in our work.

Typically, in conjunction with the drafting and execution of a Last Will and Testament, the Law Office of Mandy Spaulding will also assist you in the drafting of a Health Care Proxy with a HIPAA release. Some of the websites that offer you low cost forms, do not include the HIPAA release, without which your HCP may be rendered almost useless. These two documents, when executed properly, help ensure that in the event of your incapacity, the person who you wish to have make your health care decisions for you, can do exactly that. 

Another life planning document that is usually included in a basic will package, is the Durable Power of Attorney. This document will ensure that in the event of your incapacity, the individual of your choice will be able to access and handle your financial and other legal obligations. Not all form-driven sites will create a power of attorney which is "durable". If this function of the document fails, you may be left with something that simply won't get the job done when it comes time. Our professionals will ensure that your document is executed properly and will serve its intended purpose. 


Trusts are important but underutilized estate planning tools. This is largely due to the fact that many people think that trusts are just for the rich. This is simply not true. Do not let a misconception like this keep you from taking advantage of a tool that is part of the comprehensive estate planning process.

There are many different types of trusts that serve that very different purposes. 

Not many people know that the death benefits from their life insurance policy are subject to estate taxes. There is a way around this through what are called Life Insurance Trusts. In the event of your death, you want to know that your retirement assets will roll over to your spouse or children with the least administrative hassle and taxation. Protect your estate now, call us.

Family Law

Attorney Spaulding is experienced in dealing with matters such as paternity, custody, child support, divorce, visitation, grand-parent visitation, and guardianships. Focusing her practice primarily in Norfolk County and Bristol County, Mandy is proud to have worked among some of the most prominent family law attorneys in Massachusetts. 
Attorney Spaulding is a strong advocate for you and your interests. It is her compassion and availability that have pleased so many of her clients in what is inevitably a difficult situation. Understanding that family law often involves matters of the heart that are not easy to see pushed through the adversary process is what drives Attorney Spaulding to maintain active communication with her clients.

We understand that you may be in family court for a number of different reasons. Each situation is different. We can help you navigate the process of Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Visitation, Child Support, Alimony, Prenuptial Agreements, Abuse Prevention & Restraining Orders, or Modification and Contempt


It is always difficult to lose a loved one. It can seem even worse when you are faced with the responsibility of probating an estate. Probate is a very form-driven area of the law. Despite the availability of pre-made court forms (these can be found online or in the Probate Court registrar’s offices), the process of probating an estate can still be very confusing and daunting. It is our pleasure to help make the process of probating an estate easier for you. Handling forms and court appearances should not have to disrupt your grieving process.

If you were named the executor of estate with a will, or the personal representative of a person who died intestate, we can assist in all duties of settling the estate:

·         Opening the estate and filing the will (if there is one) 

·         Collecting assets 

·         Paying creditors (including liquidation of assets) 

·         Distributing assets to heirs 

·         Filing reports with the probate court 

·         Closing the estate and filing tax returns 

For a variety of Massachusetts court forms feel free to explore the following helpful links:

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